Norbert Grille Roth

the rock-roll-grandpa from Franconia. Comic Grille
It all started with a school band name "And the forests sing forever". An absolute fun and Klamauk troop that stopped at nothing. His way was predetermined. It was followed by rock, blues, Pop, soul, country and top 40ty bands. Everywhere it grooved, he feels at home. He played u.a. Scheriff Schröder's Band, Martin Philippi Blues Band, Stringdancer, Edde & the Splash, Rainer Baumann Band, TAP, No Biznizz, Kalla Weffel, Maximilian Kerner, Soulout, BSB21 ............ until he comes over Landed at Mad Kitchen for 45 years.

Ngr Bands 0008
Scheriff Schröders Bänd Hucky Lotter (RIP), ich, Helmut "Boldi" Reinbold, Thomas "Kurble" Streitberger, Raimund "Wastel" Buchner, Thomas "Kola" Baron von Kruedener
Ngr Bands 0006
Mit Olders Frenzel(Ihre Kinder) in der Kulturkneipe in Nürnberg
Linda Owoo
mit Linda Owoo bei 21BSB
Ngr Bands 0002
mit Taff & Pretty im Onkel Pö
Ngr Bands 0005
Bei der Martin Philippi Blues Band
Ngr Bands 0011
Hening Stärck an den Drums, mit NO BIZNIZ im Auenland